Professional Counseling Sessions

Ohana Health offers professional counseling sessions at no cost with our Marriage and Family Therapist Interns and PSY.D interns. Counseling sessions are provided for individuals, couples, family, and children. Supervision is provided by Dr. Appell, PSY 15490.

Comunity Counseling Services

Ohana Health collaborates with the Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD), providing counseling services for the CVUSD. Students are referred by teacher’s parents, staff or self-referral. The reason for the referral can be for social, emotional, behavioral, and academic counseling. An appointment is set for the initial intake assessment. After that, an action plan is developed based on the student’s need.

Ohana Health also collaborates with the Ventura County Court System (VCDDC) to provide a Group Counseling Parenting Program. This program is intended for parents who have been court mandated to participate in a parenting program due to domestic violence, parent or offspring substance abuse, trauma, parental neglect, or medical issues. Our Clinical Psychologist Trainee partners with clients and their families to set goals, achieve stability, and prevent future problems.