What Do You Think About Adoption?

You may have your reservations about this option. Many women don’t realize they have complete control over the adoption process in this day and age.

As the birth mother, you choose the family that raises your child and the most comfortable adoption plan for you. As an expectant or birth mother, you make the decisions for your child’s future. Why not take a closer look at the following adoption information.

Adoption Plans Explained

Adoption is the legal process of transferring the rights and responsibilities of all parental rights from birth parents or legal guardians to adoptive parents. It is not co-parenting. You’re creating a lifelong relationship between your child and the adoptive parents you choose.

There are three different plans. The plan you select depends on the amount of contact you would like to have with your child and their adoptive family after placement.

Open Adoption

The most common type of adoption is an open adoption plan. The adoption specialist you work with shows you portfolios of potential adoptive couples based on your interests. You exchange full names, addresses, phone numbers, and more with the selected adoptive couple. You even have the opportunity to meet them before giving birth.

Closed Adoption

If remaining completely anonymous is important to you, a closed adoption is the right option for you. You will not select the adoptive couple with this plan, and there is no exchange of information. The courts seal the adoption records, and your identity is kept private.

Semi-Open Adoption

This adoption plan allows you to choose the adoptive couple and remain anonymous. You exchange first names, but an adoption specialist handles the correspondence between the two parties.

Your identity stays private, but you can communicate with your child and their family.

Learn More About This Option

With the option of adoption, you get to make the decisions. We are here to help you better understand the adoption process and provide referrals to reputable agencies in our area.

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